Explore Bainskloof - hidden jewel of the Cape Winelands
and the quintessence of natural tranquillity.

Introduction to the history of Bainskloof Pass

The Bainskloof Pass opened in September 1853 and were the primary gateway to the northern parts of South Africa until Du Toitskloof Pass were completed in 1949. While Bainskloof Pass is one of South Africa's less travelled passes today, it still...

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The building of Bainskloof Pass - Part 1

The Cape colony became subject to British authority in the early 1800's. As the occupation of the Cape was primarily a military strategic move, the Brits were not eager to invest monetarily in the Colony. As such the building and maintenance...

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The building of Bainskloof Pass - Part 2

Andrew Geddes Bain was born in June 1797 in Thurso, Scotland. He was 19 years of age in October 1816 when he first set foot on Cape soil. As of yet there is no consensus as to what Bain was up to during these early years in the Cape...

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The building of Bainskloof Pass - Part 3

The year 1846 set the stage for the bulding of Bainskloof Pass. Bain was still busy with the construction of the pass at Mostertshoek when the colonial secretary, John Montagu and the surveyor general, Charles Bell departed from Mostertshoek...

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